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It airs at 10 pm on Wednesday & Thursday, 28th of February. Keep following me ^.^ Let's see what happens to Seowon and Gillo couple hehehe. +Vietnamese live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/113977 I'm sorrrrrrrryyyyyyyy everyone Today..i will be late for doing live recap .. I have some problems with my cell phone exatly my DMB doesn't work well..so maybe today i have to watch it through the computer...After an hour, we can watch this drama on the website! So just wait for an hour to watch it ^.^ Anyway sorry everyone ㅜㅜ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's time to start ! SW: Be careful i will take care it. please GL...just keep silent. But GL doubts SW so he points a gun at SW. GL: i have a one shoot. i'm regretful that i loved you. It's too stupid fault that i loved you. At that time, DH and SM arrive here. DH: Put down your gun. I will give you just 3 seconds. SM checks that whether GL is a civil servant or not. She calls to WS to check his identification. WS: No he is not... So DH puts it in order. YS has a complaint that why do you deal with GL like that.. but we don't know his plan yet. SW still worries about him. The director GJ hears the news from DH about GL's kidnapping. GJ realizes that WS betrayes him using GL. SW cares his scar.. When she is doing this, DH arrives here and he watches it with disappointment. On the other hand, JJ has a nightmare related his brother. He got a shoot and he explains the situation that happened yesterday. JJ: I don't know what's going on. why did they point a gun each other? ML: ...Maybe the civil servant organization can be closed than we thought., In the prison., GL says cold words to SW. GL: I should have refused to meet you.. SW: .....But my feeling is serious.. WS visits to meet GL. GL: Am I not a civil servant? WS: Yes, you are not. GL: Then why did you do that? Just cut it out! WS refutes that you didn't wear the oath. so until yet..you're not civil servant. GL's father expect to be going well after the contract with ML. But ML...thinks that if the contract is ended, they will delete GL's father. SW and GL also argue with WS. Because WS tells the truth that GL is almost the civil servant. SW is shocked that they both deceieve each other. SW: How do I do? i already deceieved him as a co worker!. People around WS feel betrayed. In the WS's family. His wife prepares to go abroad...and even she doesn't know WS's identification.. His wife ignores him and feel disapoointed because he doesn't care about his daughter even she could expelled from school. WS and GL go camping. GL wonders why he hire him and what is his job. GL heard when he was quit his job, WS says the reason that you have to quit is in your mind so find out ! GL : I don't know until now. please tell me. WS explains that your father has the important papaer. A few years ago he was included in criminal accident. GL is shocked and feels betrayed of him because he uses GL as a spy even he is a son of JM. All the civil servant member know this except GL. At the bottom of mountain, there are co workers who was trained together with GL. Actually this is the order by SW. Co workers are so welcome to GL. In the view of GL, he thinks SW forces to welcome him. But SW asks him to get together with co workers. JJ and ML have a conference about their plot. D-DAY, ML will come to the front even it makes her in danger. JJ feels worried that why are you abandon your life. ML doesn't care about her life because the loved one already died and after hearing this, JJ tries to persuade her. In an inaugural ceremony, Co workers including GL got a Creative Director Appointment but soon WS takes away it because of security and safe of the members. DH is drunken and sings a song hehehe cute DH GL and SW only two are together. GL: Is there anything you told the truth to me? SW: ...There are two, Fist, my dog's name is DDOSUN and the second is my mind that i like you. GL: ...Just break apart. it is good for us. i don't want to be the girl who doesn't let me know the real name. SW: Stop GL: Be apart. Until now it's been such a boring time. SW gets a call from her house. Her parents want to know GL's phone number and her mother praises him like singing a song well, good looking and even his voice! SW is said because of parting.... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish .....farewell is always sad i think....