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SM Rookie Taeyong is in trouble again (see his other online scandal here) for horrible comments online.
Note: These comments are from 2009 and we have all said stupid things when we were younger, he was a 14 year old boy when he wrote these. I'm not excusing him but I also know I would not want my entire career ruined by a stupid comment I made in the past.
I think this is a good opportunity to remember that idols are human beings, and human beings can be pretty stupid and cruel sometimes.
Personally, his comments made me immediately dislike him, since I don't believe people grow out of that kind of mindset, but I'm openminded to see if he has changed his ways.
A Korean news site has found yet another case of SM Rookie Taeyong being a complete idiot online. This time in the form of a harsh comment about a classmate. The post featured some of his fellow classmates posing for a photo.
Taeyong's comment is:
“There’s only ten people in this photo, but because of XXX, it looks like there is thirteen people.”
As far as his previous scandal where he was scamming people online SM released the statement that:
"He is deeply reflecting on his mistaken behavior due to his lack of discrimination during his junior high school days, and we sincerely apologize to those who were harmed. Not only Taeyong, but the agency itself will try to make him mature into an artist with good talent and an upright character."

Some netizen comments:

- This guy already has so~much controversies before he even debuts ㅎㅎ
- Wow…I can’t like this guy even if I want to
- Wow this is awful I’ve never not stanned an SM artist but he might become the first

I'll give him a chance to redeem himself cause he was 14 when he left those comments but

I agree with you that these types of things usually don't change and people who are rude will stay rude and people who have trashy personalities keep them. but I'm not going to dismiss him and say he's complete trash. I was definitely ignorant when I was younger although 14 is a freshman in high school... and that's old enough to know what to say and not to say but it is true that people can change and I don't think he should be hated on for it. he was immature and hopefully he's learned that insults don't make you cool
everyone says stupid things... even well known idols now. ill give him benefit of the doubt .
again where are these ghost tags 0-0
Well those were his younger days if he really wants to be a great artist well son grow some balls and be mature and think before you speak and focus on your future and don't look back and have respect for those who respect you #thatsall if he shows he has matured and he focuses on himself and artistic life well their shouldn't be anymore scandals
@Kuramariin I agree with you. Everytime and idol do something we are quick to talk mess about them. I hope we can change the way we look at things like this no one deserve to be called fat but for us to turn around and talk about him don't make it right either. I love everyone!!!!
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