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There was some to-do not long ago about Jimin's abs, and where they went, and whether they're back now, and yada yada yada... first of all, before I get into the workout part of this card, I want to say: JIMIN IS BEAUTIFUL WITH OR WITHOUT ABS.



So you do not need abs. And if you don't have abs, you should not feel bad. You should feel HAPPY! That you are you, and you are beautiful, just the way you are!!
Now. That being said...


And Jimin's abs game is strong. Look at that boy go. I mean *coughcough* what who said that, what a nice personality he has!!!! Yes... that is what I like. His personality. Ahem.
I'm sure you've got the most awesomest personality too. BUT if you'd like to get some ripped abs like Jimin (because I know I do!!), here's a workout inspired by his beauty to get you started!! Along with some... inspirational photos. *cough*
Wow, I'm coughing a lot today.
First, before you start your workout, you'll need some great pump-up music! Here's my suggested playlist (and it's all BTS, obviously, because when you're working on your Jimin abs you should obviously be jammin' out Bangtan style!!). Scroll for videos above!
2. Boy In Luv
3. Hip Hop Phile
4. Danger
5. War of Hormone
That makes about 20 minutes, which should be more than enough time to complete this 7-move workout. But I included a little extra time just in case you want to take rests :)

Now, let's get sweaty!!

Here are the first four exercises. Take your time, watch your form, and focus on quality over quantity! You can do it :)

If you're just starting out, or want to take things a bit easier at first, take a 30 second recovery break after each exercise.

1. Leg Drops (10 reps per leg)

First, let's start with a controlled leg drop! Lie flat on your back and raise both legs straight into the air. Tense your abs and feel your core muscles engage. Slowly and deliberately lower one leg, keeping it unbent, until it's just an inch or two off the floor. Keeping abs tensed, slowly raise leg and repeat with opposite leg. Do 10 reps (or "repetitions" – excuse my bro speak) with each leg.

2. Crunches (20 reps)

Next come traditional crunches. Careful, because form is very important here! If your form isn't perfect, you could hurt yourself; so focus on quality over speed or quantity. Still flat on your back, bend knees and place hands behind your head. Keep arms and neck still and relaxed; they don't do any work here (only abs should be flexing). Clench stomach muscles so that your torso rises a few inches off the ground. Your chest and shoulders should be moving towards the ceiling, not towards your knees; look directly up if that helps! Relax, then repeat.

3. V-Sits (20 reps)

No, sadly this exercise does not mean sitting on V's lap. :( I wish!! Start with legs extended about a foot off the ground, and torso raised a few inches. Balance on your rear end as you engage your abs, sitting up and reaching for your toes while simultaneously bending knees and bringing them towards your chest. Return to initial position, with back and legs hovering above the floor, and repeat.

4. Bicycle Crunches (10 reps per leg)

Like a normal crunch, keep your neck and arms relaxed during this exercise. With hands behind your head, engage your abs so you're in a crunch position. Lift legs off the floor a few inches. Bend knee and bring opposite elbow to touch it. Relax knee and repeat with the opposite leg. Remember to keep your core tight and your elbows back!

Okay, now let's finish strong with these last three! You got this! JIMIN AND HIS ABS ARE CHEERING YOU ON.

5. Starfish (10 reps)

This one is BRUTAL. You can do it though!! Spread your arms and legs wide like a starfish, holding all of them a few inches above the floor. Then, using your abs, bring all your limbs toward the center of your body, making a ball. Hold for a second, then return to the initial position, but don't let your limbs touch the floor! FEEL THE BURN.

6. Side Plank (30-60 secs per side)

You're in the home stretch! Turn onto your side, with your feet together. Raise yourself up onto your elbow and hold there for 30 to 60 seconds, making sure your core stays tense and engaged the entire time. See how in the photo his body makes a straight line? That's the form you should strive for – no drooping hips or crooked spine! Once 30 seconds or a minute is up, rest a few moments then repeat on the other side.

7. Plank (30-60 secs)

Last one – finish strong with a plank! Start on your stomach and raise yourself onto your elbows, which should be about shoulder width apart. You can clasp your hands together if that helps stabilize you. With your core tightly clenched the whole time, hold this position for 30 seconds to a minute. Make sure your butt isn't too high or too low; keep your spine straight and your arms strong. Push your limits!


We love you and your beautiful abs Jimin – not to mention your beautiful personality!!! Because the inside is ALWAYS what's most important – so remember to exercise your kindness a little today too ;) <3
For more Health inspiration, feel free to follow my Easy Health Hacks collection and join the party in the Health community and Fitness community!! ^_^ If you guys like this, I'd consider doing a whole collection, so let me know :D <3
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@allobaber I like to be added to your list please! thanks! 😀
thank you so much, I have to try this. Plus Jimin is truly beautiful, with or without abs. He's so funny and kind, and thats just some of the good qualities he has