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Let me start with an honorable mention!

Hitagi’s Staplers from the series Bakemonogatari
Because I never knew that office supplies could be so badass. And yet, here they are. If it can keep Araragi away, then I'm ok with using a stapler as my ultimate weapon!
Cosplayer: The Bakasaru

5. Ryuko’s Scissor blade

Kill La Kill
Why it's awesome:
- it looks badass! Not only is it deadly, but it looks deadly!
- it's half of the rending scissors, which are designed to cut the strongest life fibers
- it can shrink down to the size of regular scissors, so concealment is not an issue
- plus, it can cut through Goku uniforms!
- did I mention it looks badass?!
Cosplayer: Happyhaha
Photographer: Beethy Photography

4. Haruko’s Bass Guitar

Series: FLCL
Why it's awesome:
- because it's a Rickenbacker 4001. duh.
- it can be used in many ways! As an axe, shooting bullets, rockets, it can open N.O. channels
- did I mention it has an engine? You know, just to boost things up a bit.
- and it can fly...
- and it can still play music...
- the perfect weapon for your everyday multitasking musician/space investigator!
Cosplayer: Voodoo-Dolly

3. Nicholas D. Wolfwood’s Punisher

Why it's awesome:
- it looks cool.
- It's shaped like the holy cross
- it has not one, but two machine guns!
- and a rocket launcher
- it stores 8 smaller pistols inside you know in case you want something smaller!
- everything you need comes with the Punisher!
Cosplayer: C.N. Mabu

2. Saber's Excalibur

Fate Stay Night
Why it's awesome:
- it's based off of the sword of King Arthur and that just makes it more badass
- seriously I just like this one so it's on my list hahahaha
- it was forged by Gods
- it's the strongest fantasy
- it can basically make people "see the light" again when they look at it--many evil people remember their good before they are finished with Excalibur
- Ea is stronger and some people prefer Ea but I like Excalibur!!
Cosplayer: Amazon Mandy

1. Ruby's Crescent Rose Scythe!

Why it's awesome:
- it's not just a scythe...it's also a sniper rifle!
- it's basically a transformer and can change into different combat modes
- it looks cooler than anything I've ever seen
- you have to be CRAZY powerful to use it (bc recoil) unless you're cool like Ruby and can use the recoil to move yourself around!
- there's another blade at the bottom, and the scythe can UNFOLD so you can use it too
- basically it's just da bomb
Cosplayer: Sasha-Dee

Which of these weapons do you wish you had?

Or is there a different weapon I missed that you have your eye on??
Rwby is pretty awesome!
There is a YouTube channel called AWE Me and they have a series called Man at Arms were they make awesome swords like Saber's Excalibur and tons of other anime weapons ( they also have done weapons from video games) they even made Ryuko's Scissor Blade. The coolest part they made it with tons of little scissors. So if you want to see some cool swords come to life check them out.
@KittyCommittee hey, I think you win no matter which you choose XD @JacobRivas good choice XD
@RosePark yes!! for a long time I just wanted final fantasy weapons bc I watched my brother play the really early games while growing up
@MoisEsGaray I know!!! I'm always do impressed when people take on characters with huge weapons!
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