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Would you hire someone with a "ghetto name"?

That's the question Raven-Symoné answered in an extremely unsatisfactory way on The View this week. We discussed in on Vingle a few days ago, but we didn't discuss the response. What do you all think? @karencorchado @TravisBeck @nicolejb @LAVONYORK @ChosenKnight @carolinian87 @christianmordi @alywoah did this response resonate with you?
@shannonl5,if the person meets the requirements of the job then yes I would hire them. I'm not hiring their name I'm hiring the person capable of helping the company grow.
This video made some great points! I agree with @TravisBeck a name does not determine potential.
This video actually hit alot of points. It's not about your name it is what you bring to the table