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I wanna you guys to give me some animes to watch... every day I will be coming back posting the Anime and the episode that I watched and will write a summary and critique the Anime on plot, characters, drawing and animations (lol) I don't mind reading watching animes and will try to do all the animes you guys give me!! So comment below the Anime the you would like me to watch and if you could please tell me where to find it it would be great!
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This is a cool idea! Have you seen Paranoia Agent yet? I'd love to year your thoughts
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No I haven't but I would be thrilled to watch it! I'll have the review for the first episode tomorrow thank you for taking interest in my idea
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@purplemonkey097 of course! Feel free to tag me in your review ^_^
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this sounds awesome! if you ever want card creating tips, feel free to message me or check out some of my cards : )
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@VinMcCarthy & @shannonl5 thanks a lot guys ^-^
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