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Hi everyone! For those who don't know me, I'm Stacey! @nicolejb has asked me to come on as her assistant moderator. Of course, I was happy to oblige! She has dubbed me her Social Butterfly. ^.^ It fits, I suppose!
When @nicolejb suggested I make this card, I started to go with this: "Hey. Sup. Moderating here. Don't be an ass. >. Shinitai-ka? Ehh? Ehh?" (Thanks, @Danse!) But then, I decided Nic killing me in the first few hours would achieve nothing.

Seriously, though, Why am I here?

Well. Why not?! No, seriously. I'm here, because like all of you, I enjoy staying on top of the news, not only locally but internationally. I even went to school to learn how to better produce the news. I worked as a newspaper editor, writer, and photographer in high school and in college. Afterwards, I worked for a local paper in my hometown in Alabama. I worked as a copy editor, photographer, and a graphic artist. I was lucky enough to continue dancing after my son was born, but I've never been one to get too complacent. Someday, if I need to, I know I have a second career to fall back on. For now, I'm still writing and editing in my second job. It's simply a part of who I am.

Who I Am:

I'm just a girl who loves to learn, laugh, love, and live. (And dance!) I spend a lot of time striving to learn more about my fellow man. I believe that we must embrace love to save ourselves and our planet, even when it's the hardest option - and it often is.
There are many Hot Button issues to discuss in our country and world. I am interested in almost any kind of news you want to talk about on here and @nicolejb and I welcome you to just go there. (If you need help deciding what to post here, see this card.) However, I don't like to see people being rude for the sake of being rude. We can, and will, debate many issues here, but we must do it civilly, without name calling and petty jabs. I know it can be difficult... Even I have a couple of topics that set me off in the worst way. Patience helps. (I have none, naturally. It's awful.)

So, together, let's set out to make this one of the best news resources for all of Vingle's members! If you need help with anything, please, just let me know!!

Have a great day, my Vingly friends!
Stacey I am so happy for you!!!!!! The News community is gonna be so awesome with you and @nicolejb there!!!! :D :D :D
Congrats Stacey! I am sure @nicolejb and you are going to do a wonderful job for the news community!
*Waves to @nicolejb , offers a friendship cupcake teeming with sparklies* :D
YAYYYYYYYYYY!!! couldn’t be more excited to have a partner in crime! Uhm can we maybe start giving people pies in the news community?! (hi @Danse!) ;)
@allischaaff Benevolent Cupcake Overlord is actually our second community... XD
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