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We've all had those mornings.

The ones where you just can't seem to budge and your snooze button mysteriously continues getting pressed. You later realized that you got a little bit of extra sleep, but you also overslept which means you have less time to get ready. As much as we hate getting up early, it's no secret that women hate rushing as well. Our looks must be perfected and we need every little bit of time we can get.
The video [seen above] happens to be a life saver for all those ladies who like to sleep in and still make it to work on time while looking more than just decent. The hairstyles demonstrated are stylish, quick and let's not forget to mention heatless. You won't have to waste an extra five minutes waiting for your curling iron to heat up. So don't fret in the morning when you decide to give yourself a little extra beauty sleep because these eight simple hairstyles seen above will save you in the nick of time.
A big THANK YOU! This video tutorial is very helpful for ppl like me: who's brain just go blank if there're more than 3 steps.
definitely will be using some of these ideas thanks...
I'm always running late and never know what to do with my hair so this is awesome and very simple, thank you!!
you are very welcome! :) @KayyeAyyeeMCee
I have this morning every single day. :) Thanks. At least my hair won't be in a tangled mess.
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