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This is all my perosnal opinion so please don't get offended :) List the idols you think wouldn't survive too!!

Girl's Generation Jessica

Seohyun would probably have already evacuated her unnies five months before the zombies can make their way there. However, there is always our ice princess who is just not impressed. “Zombies? What zombies? Eh I’ll just leave when they knock on the door. They might speak English too.”

Infinite Sungyeol

This boy is just so hyper at the weirdest occasions and is so unaware of what the heck is happening around him that it easily makes him an easy target for the zombies to get to. Plus, with the prank-loving Infinite members, he probably won’t be going nowhere until the zombies tap on his shoulder. 

MBLAQ Lee Joon

It’s not that he’s lazy or that he is too hyper (even though he often is indeed…), it’s simply the fact that…he just sometimes does the wrong thing at the wrong time that just makes no sense at all. Of course, who needs sense when you’re Lee Joon? Though, the not-so-bright zombies probably don’t understand Lee Joon’s adorable charisma and may just gulp him down in one bite.

Shinee Onew

The adorable full-of-fail leader of SHINee who we just can’t get enough of. Though, I don’t think the zombies will consider the “adorable” part when they see Onew tripping on his own foot and lying flat on his face. Onew probably will be a nice little dinner for the hungry zombies.
you forgot jhope amd tao haha but definitely agree
Onew can barely survive normal life! 😧
lol so true! You should add more groups lol cause we all know some that would not survive
ONEW OMG Junhyung would survive neither would Bambam 😂😂
lol I can so see Onew tripping like in a horror movie and the zombies attack him while he's down.. 😂
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