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In honor of Woman Crush Wednesday (#wcw), I'd like to shine some much-deserved light on a wonderful rising talent in the poetry sphere (plus seemingly all-around cool girl to hang out with): Sarah Kay.
Her poems and performances are guaranteed to make your heart smile and swell, so she's also the perfect midweek pick-me-up. And for those of you that think "poetry isn't your thing," just let her prove you wrong!
Spoken word is her forte, and Sarah first came to prominence with a captivating TEDTalk in 2011. Her feel-good speech opened with a performance of her whimsical ode to motherhood, "B," and closed with the touching "Hiroshima."
"The Type" is perfect for healing a broken heart and learning to love again - including yourself.
Even when she was a teenager, performing an early work entitled "Hands," Sarah was killing it!
She totally gets young love with "Private Parts;" perfectly describing the awkwardness and tenderness of her first relationship.
The oh-so-lovely Sarah joins with fellow spoken word poet, Phil Kaye, for this absolute knockout duet, "When Love Arrives."

What do you think? She's amazing, right?

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I have already she's totally badass and I actually wouldn't mind trying if myself
@quietone I bet you'd be awesome at it :D you already have the poetry writing skills!!
I'm also good with acting lol
@quietone that's awesome I didn't know you were an actor too!!
nah just some class I took in hs it helped me control my emotions I can even cry on command