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A big heart is not worth wasting.

I knew from a very young age that I happened to have a much bigger heart than most. I loved hard and I even more. To be completely honest, I even loved and cared when the feeling wasn't mutual. I couldn't help it, that's just the kind of person I was. I always put the feelings of others before my own. I eventually decided to put my feelings first as I matured, but still found that my heart would always be huge regardless.
When a woman loves, she loves hard and I am definitely that woman. Loving hard can be seen as both a negative and a positive, but in most cases it's more so seen as a positive. Because who wouldn't want someone to love them unconditionally flaws and all, right? Unlike men, women put their love on the line and they don't mind doing that for the one they love. If you happen to be that women or if you happen to know that women, keep scrolling to find out how and why you should love a woman with an enormous heart according to YourTango.

1. We've already been writing letters to you ... and we've never met.

"Remember those cards I mentioned? I've been writing letters to my future husband for, well, a decade. It was an idea I got when I was wondering what he was like and when I'd meet him, and instead of wondering, I decided I just do what I do best: write to him. I have dozens of cards, from all different life stages and adventures, addressed to this mystery man. Before ever meeting you, you're already a big part of my heart."

2. We take everything to heart, even when we know better.

"I try my best to keep with sarcasm and I can even fake it sometimes. When I crack a semi-sassy joke, my friends are always surprised. (Most) other times, I'm pretty sensitive and have to constantly remind myself that not every little thing means something, and that sometimes, things are just things people say without thinking. I'll try my best to remind myself when we meet."

3. We remember every tiny detail you tell us.

"One of my ex's was a big Teddy Roosevelt fan and he had a deep-rooted interest in politics. So, for his birthday, I managed to win a bidding war on eBay for an original campaign pin from when Teddy became president. Did he cry when he opened it? Nah, but he came close. Whatever you tell me, I'll remember — and it'll be my goal to shock you with the details."

4. We need constant words of affection.

"If you haven't read The Five Love Languages, book mark this article and come back later after you've read it. You'll figure out how you like to love and what kind of love you need in return, and for me, most important are words of affection ... quickly followed by physical touch.
When we're together, I want you to tell me you love me; that I'm awesome; that you want me, like now. The best part? I'll always return the favor."

5. We want (and need) to do nice things for you.

"No, but seriously. I'm actually looking forward to steaming your shirts before a big presentation. Or throwing you a surprise 40th birthday celebration. Or doing something ridiculously sweet for your first Father's Day.
It makes me feel good that the people in my life feel appreciated, loved, and cared for. You'll have to let me take care of you ... if only just a little."

6. Our big heart comes with big fears.

"The thing about having a big heart is that it comes with pretty deep-rooted emotions, and unfortunately, some fears, too. I have to constantly talk myself down off the edge of an imaginary cliff where I see all of my hopes, dreams, and future plans crashing down around me.
I'm afraid I'll never get married. That I can't have children. That I'll never publish a book. So every once in a while, you might have to give me a pep talk, or at least a Xanax."

7. We're used to taking care of other people, but not being taken care of.

"As much as I like doing nice things for folks, I have a hard time letting people take the lead and do something for me. I'm terrible at letting people surprise me. I often plan the week ahead without leaving room for spontaneity.
I once busted open a can of pasta sauce with a hammer because I refused to walk down the hall to ask a dude to do it for me. So when you start to be my partner and truly support me — emotionally, physically, in everyday life — it might take a while for me to let you."

8. We sometimes give too much, so you need to make an effort to give more.

"I don't give to get something in return, but I sure would like it. I won't resent you, but I will start to wonder if you care as much as I do. It can be as simple as a sticky-note that says "I love you," or keeping almond milk in the fridge for my morning coffee. Those things go a long way for this girl."

9. We can be idealistic about romance.

"I know as well as my friends, my parents, my co-workers and my dog that I can be a little unrealistic about romance. In my gut, I know that I'll meet someone pretty incredible, but that he won't be exactly how I've pictured him. As much as I want a big romantic gesture from a big handsome man to fulfill my big 'ole heart, I'll keep my expectations in check."

10. More than anything, we truly believe in love.

"The best thing about a big heart? Its ability to love. I'll always believe in the love that surrounds us, the people in our life who love us, the love we see through strangers, and the love we have together. It doesn't have to be perfect — because love never is — it just always has to be there. Otherwise, what's the point in your heart, anyway?"

Ladies, pretty accurate?

I think so.
Sorry for the delay @ButterflyBlu, but I love the fact that you pointed out how you will put up with a lot, but not too much. I feel like often times we feel like if we put up with every single thing it will make the person stick around and treat us how we should be treated. Unfortunately, I've learned the hard way and it never quite works like that. So like both you and @LisaMarissa I am still learning to love myself and change for the better so that I won't have to put myself all the way out there when it comes to love, but instead someone will be willing to meet me half way.
@LisaMarissa I SO understand that sentiment...I've thought about that, too. I wonder if maybe I'm a little colder, a little more of a B, guys won't take me for granted. Maybe then it'll end differently. I just don't know, though. (I say this because it seems like THOSE women aren't having any issues. All of the good guys are falling all over themselves for them, right? And they're the opposite of me... So.... You know?) I think instead, we should stay true to ourselves, Hun. There is someone for every single one of us. Some man will come along who loves us exactly the way that we are and would never even consider wanting to hurt or change us.
I am that kind of woman who is struggling to change cuz ive been the one always being hurt in the end. We need to love ourselves too.
Definitely accurate! This isn't me exactly, but I've known people justtttt like this. To a T :) great card!
@jordanhamilton yes ma'am. When all else fails, I may have only myself left. It's a lot easier to be strong if we learn to love and respect ourselves. Then, understanding your value and knowing what you deserve, comes a lot easier!!
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