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Now that the temperature is finally dropping down low enough that we can wear sweaters, here is a DIY tutorial that will amp up your classic, neutral sweater with a cute heart elbow. This DIY project comes from the creative people at Honestly WTF.


For this project, you will need:
-- A wool sweater
-- 36-gauge felting needle
-- Dense foam cut to size or needle mat
-- Wool roving
-- 3″ heart cookie cutter
-- Iron
You can find all of these items (besides the wool sweater) at a craft store.

Align the sweater

Put on the sweater and align it on your elbows so that you know exactly where you want to place the heart on the elbow. Place a piece of tape where you want the heart to go and then remove the sweater. Insert the foam block into one of the sleeves of the sweater.

Place the cookie cutter on the sleeve

Place the cookie cutter on the sleeve of the sweater. Then take some of the wool roving and place it inside the heart-shaped cookie cutter.

Fill the cookie cutter

Continue filling the cookie cutter with the wool roving until it is completely full, as shown in the picture above.

Poke the wool roving

Use the felting needle to poke the wool roving through the sweater. Just go to town poking all around the wool roving to attach it to the sweater.

Remove cookie cutter

Remove the cookie cutter from the sweater and use the felting needle to push in any excess strands.

Iron the sweater

Remove the foam block from the sweater. Spritz some water on the wool area and then iron the sweater to help keep the heart on the sweater. Make sure the iron is on the wool setting so that you don't damage the garment.

Ta da! Rock your super cute sweater!

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