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Hello Vinglers! Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Sign by Flow (Naruto)

There are so many great Naruto songs but this has to be my personal favorite! I've been a fan of Flow for a while and the main reason has to be the fact that it's J-Rock but it has it's own charm. Compared to other J-Rock bands out there, Flow's style is a little gentler while others most of the time go hardcore. What else is there to say? Love Naruto and love it's soundtracks!

What's your favorite Naruto song?

Original Music video to keep the awesome-ness keep going~ Close Your Eyes and Listen!~

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I only heard part of Let's Go and I had to find it on YouTube to hear the whole song. I like J-pop more but I can J-rock also.
@Naruto5018 Well the second video is the full song :S You could have just listened to that ^^
Naruto is of those big anime series I missed the start of and never picked it up. I'm working on them. I've almost completed bleach and I'm a decent way into one piece... but I can only do so much at a time. I enjoyed this song though.
opening 16 ^_^
favorite band and favorite song!