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Me and my brother were discussing this the other day trying to decided which one we gravitated towards more in childhood. I know how I feel now I'm curious to see how the anime vinglers of the vingle feel! Soooooooooo

Digimon OR Pokémon?

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Man I can't even remember those moments to be real, I'd have to rewatch. I just remember the main story line and the feeling know what I mean? It just always seemed more deep to me and now that you say that I guess it kind of makes sense. That is pretty dark for a kids anime though. @Straightshooter
Digimon I refuse to live in a world where 10 year olds have pets that can wipe out cities
It's hard to say there both great titles I love digimon but Philemon is still releasing games so ya.
Pokemon would kill
I liked both as a kid and I still do like them both but I think I gravitated slightly more towards Pokémon but now I'm gravitating more towards Digimon especially since they pretty much screwed up with Ash when Unova came about