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Me and my brother were discussing this the other day trying to decided which one we gravitated towards more in childhood. I know how I feel now I'm curious to see how the anime vinglers of the vingle feel! Soooooooooo

Digimon OR Pokémon?

Digimon I refuse to live in a world where 10 year olds have pets that can wipe out cities
Honestly, I loved pokemon more as a child, still do, but I feel that with digimon it was meant to be A LOT darker. I mean there were some questionable scenes throughout the original 1 season, and a couple sprinkled throughout the other seasons after, that got really, really dark. Like the scene were the vampire digimon was seducing and attacking young women. The scene with the two kids dropping from the top of building getting ready to die. Another scene showing gatomon being physically abused. Thats really dark compared to pokemon
we all have our own views so its hard to say whats better. But both work.
Truuuu and I agree. Both have something different to offer. It really does come down to what you are into.@Jason41 I feel you! Its hard to just chose all in on one @RosePark
@littlemaryk I cant choose really. Both were huge parts of my childhood I just cant pick one :S
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