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...... The Time To Run For Your Life Was Here.....

....The Zombie Apocalypse Had Finally Caused A Breakthrough Throughout The Planet...

.... Who Will Survive....

.....How Will You Defend Yourself...

.....In This Case....

Kpop Isn't The Answer.....

(....Not even Cross Gene's Choreography...)

...... So You May Wonder,

"If This Were To Happen, What Kpop Idol Might Not Survive This Catastrophe?"

........If You Were To Ask Me, I Will Have To List Them For You In Order....

(First Of All I Want To Make This Clear, I Don't Mean To Offend Anyone. This Is Just Simply Something Fun To do...)

Okay Lets Begin.

In First Place, I Would Have To Say Daesung.

I Love Him And All But Unfortunately, I Feel As If He Wouldn't Be Able To Survive During Something Like This. His Alarm And Panic Attitude Will Likely Interfere Most Percent Of The Time In My Opinion... Awww Poor Baby heheh

Secondly I Would Have To Say J-Hope.

Aww, His Terrified Attitude Basically Overthrows His Confidence..

He Would Most Likely Be The One Who Needs The Most Comfort From The Rest Of The Other Group Members.

.... And Finally, I Would Have To Say Jackson From Got7.

......(You Still Here, I Hope I Didn't Lose You haha)....

I Feel As If He Would Most Likely Be One Of The Brave Ones In This Kind Of Situation But If A Zombie Would Randomly Jump Scare Him, He'd Be Easily Frighten And He Wouldn't Know How To React To The Situation.

(Well I Hope You Enjoyed My Card!)

...Now My Question To You Is...

"If This Were To Happen, What Kpop Idol Do You Think Might Not Survive During This Catastrophe?"

(Aww Sandeul haha)
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Bahah I'll protect Daesung from the zombies and he can do the heavy lifting XD Jackson can take the back of the pack haha
Tao! Lol
the g dragon gif is really distracting. I think I have rewatched it for twenty times already ^_^
Tao, even though he's not a kpop idol, he was the first one to come to mind. Unfortunately, I agree about J-Hope 馃槶馃槶