Yona of the Dawn, Love Lab, Love Live School idol Project, Glasslip, Charlotte, Vampire Knight, Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood, D-frag, Free!, Baka and Test.
Wolf Children, Pripara, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Shirobako, Naruto, Plastic Memories, Durarara!, Shugo Chara, Ouran high school host club...and a lot more!!
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I use the app and it works just fine for me.
2 years agoReply
@Thatperson512 are you using Apple? because most of the anime streaming apps are better in Apple products
2 years agoReply
Yes I am... That must be why (x
2 years agoReply
AHHH Vampire Knight, Charlotte, Fairy Tail, Shugo Chara, and OHSHC馃挋馃挋馃挋馃槀馃槉
2 years agoReply
yugioh, dragon ball z, kill la kill, one piece
2 years agoReply