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So its about that time gain, by which I mean we are doing another playlist challenge, first of all thank you to @poojas for her playlist theme that we used last time!!!!!
The theme for this challenge is Ladies!!! mainly because they are awesome, but also because it is Ladies Week here on Vingle!!
If you wish to know more about Ladies week you can do so on @shannon15's introductory card >>here<<
or my announcement regarding the event in the K-Pop Community >>here<<
With this new challenge I do not want to see any male artists on peoples playlists unless they are featuring on the track, the songs all have to be by either a girl group or a solo female artist with no exceptions!!!!
Some basic rules of this challenge for those who are new to this ^^
1. You create a playlist according to the given theme.
2. You can use any Asian music you like, doesn't just have to be K-Pop, but it must be relevant.
3. You can basically add as many songs as you like, (has to be more than 2) the normal amount is about 10 songs.
4. Remember to tag me (@MattK95) in you card so that I will definitely see it and clip it to "The Soundtrack to Life" collection, and tag the person who came up with the playlist theme, in this case it's just me, that will change with every playlist theme though!
5. Only publish your playlists in relevant communities!!!
6. Tag your friends in the comment section to challenge them :)
7. Be as creative as you wish, and have fun!!!!! \(^O^)/
Just in case you would like an example of a playlist here are a few random ones you can check out ^-^
I'm just going to tag some of the people I know here, but you are all welcome to participate, and tag anyone you would like to challenge ^^
Also don't forget that this is not a mandatory challenge, no one is going to force you to do this if you don't want to :D

If you no longer want to be tagged or you wish to be added to the tag list, be sure to let me know in the comments ^^

If you are interested, you can follow the collection to make sure that you don't miss any of the awesome playlists, you can do so >>here<<
Thanks for reading everyone ^^
(credit to the owners of the photos in this post, I DO NOT own them)
AYYYY. This is an awesome challenge!! Showing some love of female groups! :D I need to do some thinking though. xD
I'm going to do this :)
Oh I'm so doing this, yay ladies!
very much so...the ladies don't get nearly enough attention here 😢
I'll get on this tonight
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