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I kinda missed 11 to noon posts since i had a class lol but I figured since it's almost lunch time it would be perfect to post a card about my favorite Korean dishes!!! Share yours too :)

Galbi- short ribs marinated in soy sauce

Yukgaejang -Spicy shredded beef stew with scallions, onions and Korean radish.

Bibimbap- Rice mixed with fresh vegetables and chili pepper paste.

Bibim Naengmyeon- Cold buckwheat noodles mixed with sliced beef, pickled radish or Asian pear, pickled cucumber and spicy chili sauce

Sweet Potato Rice Cake!!

Yummmmm!!!!!! No description needed lol XD

What are your favorite Korean dishes?

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Bibimbap, Deokboki, Jajangmyun, and Kimbap! These are just a few.