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So what do you all think is the Joker the best bad guy ever or what? I would like to know your thoughts
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what doesn't kill you simply make you stranger
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@paularasnick @RoninGaijin lol yes. I think my favorite Joker line is "if you're good at something never do it for free" hahaha like wow what great life advice
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@shannonl5 I know right!!
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@RoninGaijin there was this great theory floating around about the Dark Knight... I'll write a card about it but it was that the Joker was really the hero of the movie. It was talking about how in his speech early on he's saying "nobody panics as long as there's a plan.... even if the plan is bad" and it was referring to the corruption in Gotham that people have accepted. Harvey is fighting it one way and the joker is fighting it his way
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