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As soon as I saw these darling rustic pumpkins I was transported to when I was a kid, visiting Meemah in Arkansas! Love, love, love this wooden craft for Halloween season, and I think you will too!

Supplies Needed:

-4x4 post, cut into three lengths--10 inches, 7 inches, and 4 inches
-spray paint in orange and white OR craft paint
-1 inch (approx.) stick or branch
-painters tape
-round stickers/vinyl circles
-drill and 1 inch spade bit
-wood glue or hot glue
1. The first step is to paint your wood the base color--the color you want your polka dots to be. For the stripes, your base color will be the one that you DON'T want the top to be. Let it dry completely.
2. Apply your round stickers to the pieces of wood that you want to be polka dotted. IApply your painters tape to the piece of wood you want to be striped.
3. Once the tape and stickers are on, you can paint the wood the top color--the other color! For example, if you painted a piece of wood white first, then added the stickers, you would spray it orange. The wood would end up being orange, with white polka dots. Let dry completely.
4. Remove the stickers and tape. Using a 1 inch spade bit, drill a hole in the top of each piece of wood. Cut your branch/stick down to the height that you want, then use hot glue or wood glue to secure it inside your drilled hole.
I wish I had pictures or video showing this project. However, as you can see, the instructions are very easy and straight forward. If you love crafty holiday projects, be sure to click and follow me here.