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Hulk my favorite marvel hero and doomsday a very very powerful villain in the Dc universe!! >:) I love these two MONSTERS 馃槇 so that's why I did a edit of them I hope you guys like it! Like,share leave a comment below 馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞 ^_^ Also if you guys want more edits let me know :) 馃槑@ToniEliseHolden @shannonl5 @hikaymm @aniz809 @ChosenKnight @YancyArely
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@shannonl5 hahaha thank you :) ^_^
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I'm following your collection so I'll get a notification when you post more (hint hint..... XD)
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@shannonl5 YAY hahah :D it just notified me you did lol awesome :) I'm happy haha x)
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keep them coming bro
2 years agoReply
@JoshuaThompson for sure buddy hahah I will :) ^_^
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