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It's kind of hard to believe, but these beautiful spooky black cats, that light up, are not ceramic! These are real pumpkins that you can find at the pumpkin patch or your local grocery store.
Here's how to make these:

Supplies Needed:

Knife or carving kit
Stiff felt or paper for ears
Curved cucumber or skinny gourd for tail
Mini pumpkins for paws
Black floral spray
Wood floral picks (5 or 6 per pumpkin; optional)
Mallet or hammer for attaching picks to base pumpkin (optional)
Tea-light candle in flat dish or jar lid
Clay polymer or poster putty
While this may look really hard, it's actually super easy. The body of the cats is a solid pumpkin. No cutting there. And for the head, all you're doing is cutting out almond shaped eyes and an opening at the BOTTOM of the head so it fits over a tea light candle.
Step 1: Cut out top of small pumpkin and scoop the inside clean. Place it upside down on the base pumpkin, turning to find a good fit. If necessary, carve opening slightly to adjust.
Step 2: Set head on the base to decide placement of eyes, then carve them out. You can draw them on first or use our template.
Step 3: Cut pointy ears out of felt or card stock and mark their positions on the head with a pen. Carve two shallow grooves into the head to hold the ears. Avoid cutting all the way through the pumpkin. (For more realistic ears, carve crescent-shaped grooves.)
Step 4: Prep an outside work area for spray painting. Stuff the head with loosely crumpled newspaper.
Cover pumpkins, mini pumpkins, and cucumber with one or two thin coats of black spray paint. Allow to dry. Remove stuffing and insert the ears.
Step 5: If the head is wobbly, gently pound a few floral picks into the body with the mallet or hammer. Measure the opening of the head, then position the picks to fit just inside.
Touch up paint if needed.
Step 6: Put a short tea light on a lid or dish to catch any drips. Stick to the top of the big pumpkin with a small ball of clay polymer or poster putty. Attach the head. Position cat and arrange tail and paws next to body.
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