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Nabi looked beside her to see that beautiful smile staring at the screen. Jungkook was beating her at the fighting game but it was okay. She would do anything to see this precious boy smile. When she saw him walking up to the arcade he had a worried look on his face that he was wearing more often these days. She wondered how things at his house were, he never seemed to talk much about his family even though he was one of the two who still lived with their parents. “Ha-ha I beat you again Noona.” Jungkook beamed at her “Ya wait you weren’t even looking at the screen. Such an empty victory that way.” “You were beating me before I looked away so don’t go pouting just yet.” She had to come up with something since he might find it creepy if he knew she was staring. They moved their way through the different games in the arcade eventually ending up at the basketball throw. Kookie was just aimlessly tossing the ball at the basket. Something big seemed to be on his mind but she didn’t want to kill the fun mood. She just leaned her head against his back and hugged him from behind. He was younger but he was way taller than her. Suddenly he stopped throwing the ball. “Noona I uh…..” He was hesitant ad she wondered why. “Noona I like someone but I don’t think I can tell them. I don’t think people will understand.” “That’s nonsense Kookie why shouldn’t you tell the person that you like them.” He turned around and hugged her having to lean down a little so he could talk quietly. “Its because I like a guy noona. I’m not supposed to like another guy.” She could barely hear him and he sounded so sad. He always told her everything even things like this that most people would flip out over. “Oh Kookie baby its okay. If you like him you like him who is anyone to tell you how your heart should love.” Nabi was whispering so only he could hear her. “Tell me who it is maybe I can help you. He hesitated for a long moment before he finally got the nerve to tell her. “It’s Yoongi hyung.” With the sound of that name her heart sunk. She wanted to help him so bad but how could she help him be with the guy she also wanted to be with. “Well don’t you two look cute together. Should I leave and just let you guys continue having alone time.” Nabi pulled back looking over her shoulder and seeing the man they were talking about with a big smile on his face, boy was he clueless. She could feel Kookie's heart racing when he saw Yoongi. “Ah….no please stay. It’s not that way he was just feeling a little upset.” Nabi quickly moved away from Jungkook. This couldn’t be any more awkward. The worse part was that no one but Jimin knew how she felt about Yoongi.
Yoongi is just irresistible like that to everyone
awe my heart goes out to nabi and kookie
:D :D :D
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