This is my first time to make a card for the Soundtrack of My Life Challenge, but it couldn't be a more perfect time for me to start! Ladies' Week has been the best thing ever, started by the brilliant and lovely @shannonl5 on this introductory card here, while the equally as brilliant and lovely @MattK95 has brought it to his Soundtrack of My Life playlist Challenge (to see the rules and his card about this click here). All the ladies of the K-music world are just fantastic and insanely talented, but I am going to settle on the songs that emit really strong emotions from me, and made me fall head over heels. We ready??? Be prepared for some AMAZING WOMEN!


Minx - Love Shake (2015) probably not the first thing I should put after saying I am putting songs that emit strong emotions. BUT I DIDN'T JUST MEAN THE SAD FEELS. This song makes me so happy, and every single one of the members of Minx gives me life. This song is adorable, the dance is probably the cutest thing ever, and the girl's perform the crap out of it. I honestly heard this song for the first time, and this group as a matter a fact, seeing them perform it on a music show, and I was immediately smitten by all of these ladies' stage presence. They debuted almost about a year ago, and I think they deserve so much more recognition as a young rookie group.
Spica - Ghost (2014) The voices of these ladies are some of the best voices. Period. These ladies are so talented and I don't think they could have released a song that displayed their talents better than this one. The music video is really emotional and extremely well executed, and just I wanna just belt along with Spica whenever I hear this song, while crying. It is just unbelievably good. Ugh.
The Ark- The Light (2015) First off, Yuna Kim, the rapper of The Ark, is one of my favorite rappers in k-pop. She has such a low key style that just is so unique and encapsulating. I adore her and her talents. This was the debut song by The Ark. THE DEBUT SONG. I can gush about The Ark for days, literally, for days, and they only have one song that they have released. These ladies have done dance covers of many popular boy groups, notably BTS, and kill it every single time, and most of them were successful on K-talent shows before joining The Ark. They have been a bit radio silent for the past few months, and rumors are they have added a new member, but I am just ready for them to grace my ears again with their brilliance. This song is such a feel good tune, throwing back to a 90's TLC kinda vibe to me, and I dig it so much. Now, my feel good, I got your back best friend vibe, is completely ripped apart by the MV...but it is so good. I can't gush about these ladies enough...
Jeon Minju, Yuna Kim - Goodbye Rain (feat. Hyunkyu) (2014) Oops, not done gushing about The Ark members Yuna Kim and Jeon Minju just yet. This song is SO sad, especially if you have just gone through a break up. Yuna Kim's raps mixed with the emotion vocals of Minju just combine into such a powerful, heart wrenching song. And the performance in the MV kills me. Minju's dancing sequence in which she is surrounded by the guys, like she is such a good dancer I can't handle it. When the breakdown comes and you see her in that suit and the dance break starts happening, I start freaking out every time. Just listening to this track, I can imagine all this playing out in my mind. My eyes are just glued to the screen whenever I watch this MV because of the dynamic presence these two ladies bring to everything they touch. Did I mention that Yuna Kim's rapping is the best thing of all time? I did? Oh. It's the best thing ever.
Ailee- Mind Your Own Business (2015) There isn't a list alive that I would write that is celebrating how wonderful ladies are that would exclude Ailee. Literally every song she has ever done is perfect, and her voice is so good and so powerful she can sing anything. I chose her newest single Mind Your Own Business because it is such a pump up song. I wanna just, take down the patriarchy and wave a flag or something listening to that song. And it shows off her voice so well, with those backing adlibs that she does in the last chorus. Her vocal control is ridiculous.
Amber Liu - Love Run (2015) Amber's voice is ridiculously good. This was my favorite song off her debut solo album, on an album that was literally filled with amazing song after amazing song. The song has a very chill, relaxed vibe mixed with an ethereal, kind of video game, dance beat. Like imagine the soundtrack to most of Kingdom Hearts. This song and Heights would fit right in into that video game.This song is such easy listening, and one of my favorites to sing along to. Also even though it is a bit slow, the build and power behind the transition from verse to chorus makes running to this jam awesome. Just to let you know, if you are looking for something awesome and woman led to add to your running playlist.
F(x) - Beautiful Stranger (2012) This is an F(X) song, but it features just Amber, Luna and Krystal. This was probably the first girl group song that I fell in love with and it still gets me. My undying love and appreciation for all things that include Amber in it probably is the main reason, but the blend of all of their voices and the catchiness also plays a factor. Plus, if you are like me and it takes you a little while to get rap down in Korean, many of the lines are in English, so it was easier to learn the words.
Miryo - Leggo (feat. Narsha) (2012) If you follow my Female Rapper Tournament going on right now, and read anything that I have written in the last one, you know how I feel about Miryo. (she should still be there...crying). I mentioned previously how Yuna Kim kills me with her rapping. Well Miryo is the same way. Her skill is beyond insane, and her tone is husky and amazing. Narsha lends her beautiful voice to this song, and it just adds so much. This dance track is perfect to get you up and swaying. It also has a video game, ethereal Kingdom Hearts vibe to me. If you like this one, you check also check out Love Is... which is a Brown Eyed Girls song but just has Miryo and Jea.
Sistar - I Swear (2014) I am a big fan of Sistar, and this song encapsulates summer for me, even more than Touch My Body. Their voices are ridiculous and the women have such a passion for what they do. This song is really good, but honestly I am wooed by the MV and by how much I love these idols.
KARA - Mamma Mia (2014) My number one go to pump up song. I can strut around the house getting ready for days, although by that point whatever I was getting ready for would be over and it would all be a waste. But totally worth it. Definitely road trip worthy, just be careful not to wreck while you dance while driving.
Taeyeon - I (feat. Verbal Jint) (2015) This song kills me. I honestly, wasn't really expecting to be as in love with this song, and really the whole album, but I should have known. Taeyeon's voice is ridiculously good, and her music taste that she has brought to this entire album and especially this song is right up my alley. I recommend driving to this song. I preferably do it alone, as to not scare anyone with my voice cracking during the chorus. And also, I recommend windows down, wind blowing through the car.
Okay, there are still so many that I want to include, but I am going to have to draw the line somewhere. This songs are all so wonderful and show off what talents these ladies have. I love these songs! Happy Ladies' Week!
Yessss! :D Any playlist with Ailee is a playlist I like.
@SharayahTodd I'm tagging you in this since I didn't add any girl groups last night so if you are interesting in listening to girl groups or soloists, here are some starter songs too! :)
@RobertMarsh yes the anniversary definitely gave more weight to an already very intense MV. I love that they decided to do something like that for their debut song.
I still watched it like 3 more times in a row after that... its so moving and touching... and the lyrics are beautiful... it came out right around the anniversary of the tragic ferry boat accident so it made it even more moving and beautiful
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