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What could be spookier than approaching the front door and seeing a wreath of skulls! EEK! I love this cute idea for Halloween. You definitely want to get started on this right away (and all of your Halloween decor ideas) because we're already halfway through October. You don't want to invest time and money into your decorations and only have them out for one week.
Here's how to make this cool project:

Supplies Needed:

Styrofoam Mini Skulls
16.5 Gauge Rebar Tie Wire (or any other wire that is super sturdy, not floral wire!)
Hot Glue & Gun
Step 1. Cut a 3′ length of wire and begin adding the skulls by pushing the wire through the styrofoam. You’re going to want to insert the wire in approximately the same area for each skull. This will help the symmetry of wreath later on.
Step 2. Once all the skulls have been laced, make a tight circle (you’re going to want all the skulls touching) and bend the wires to secure.
Step 3. Add some hot glue between each skull to prevent the heads from rotating on the wire. I know that usually hot glue and styrofoam is a “no-no” but these skulls have so much paint and glitter, the glue works perfectly well without melting anything.
Notice how these have light-up devices in them? Yours may or may not have this option. Don't fret, the light-up eyes aren't necessary. But they sure look cool, right?!
Step 4. Add pretty orange ribbon (also found at Dollar Tree) to the top and hang!
It's amazing what you can find at the Dollar Tree (and other dollar stores around the country)! Click here for more ideas to get your Halloween decor tricked out!
I just did wanted so epic one
It so cool
I love it!
Cool! @ChrisBryant! Does yours light up too?
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