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Today marks the 15 year anniversary of the movie "Bring It On."

Sheesh! Feels like it was just yesterday that one came out. While the movie isn't "Forest Gump" or "Good Will Hunting" the movie surely has a special spot in the hearts of kids raised during that era. It was, like "Mean Girls," a must-see movie that caught everyone by surprise.
Last night Kristen Dunst made an appearance on the James Corden show to share her thoughts on the movie and her new ventures. During the interview, Corden put her on the spot and asked her if she remembered any of the cheers, Kirsten stepped up to the plate and lets one loose for the Toros!

In the clip above, Dunst let loose a cheer from "Bring It On" in front of a live studio audience.

She also claimed to know the choreography for a couple cheers as well, which is amazing after 15 years.
I would love to see her and Gabrielle Union let loose one more time is a skit based on the movie. I think it would be pretty cool!
Yes' I love this movie!!!!!