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Earlier this week T.I. sat down with DJ Whoo Kid to conduct an interview.
During the sitdown, the Atlanta artist discussed his work with his artists Travis Scott and Iggy Azalea.
Rather then split the two apart and focus on their solo ventures, T.I. meshed them together.. in the most awkward way possible.
While discussing the rise of $cott and success of his album Rodeo, TIP said how difficult it is to work with the young talent.
T.I. later spoke on the creative experience with Scott, saying “Travis $cott accepts no advice nor instruction from the likes of me,” he said. “Only thing I can take credit for is recognizing his talent and putting him in a position where he can put music out.”
T.I. later said Travis reminds him a lot of working with Iggy early in her career, stating "“That man is Iggy in a black man’s body.”
While I know working with Travis Scott may be odd, how can it be as weird as meshing Iggy's soul in Travis Scott's body.
We may need a follow up quote clearing this one up some.
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yeahh i dont get it