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On February 22nd, representatives of Park Shi Hoo released an official statement apologizing for the “commotion” caused by his recent indictment for . Park Shi Hoo’s representative explained why they did not comment earlier on the matter. He said, “Even if we felt as though it was unfair, we thought that it was a way of considering other parties and wanted to get the truth out through police investigations.” They also assured the public that they will comply with the interrogation on the 24th and deliver the truth to the people. The representative asked that people to hold their tongues and not maximize or make assumptions about the situation before the official statement made by the police. Here is a translation of the official notice: As public figures receiving love and attention from the public, we apologize for the commotion that we have caused through this situation. Even with all the articles being reported, the reason why all we said was that we will comply with the investigation is because we thought it was the best way to consider all the parties involved even though it seemed undeserving. And I also believed that it was best to reveal the truth through the police’s official statement. Just as the press stated, Park Shi Hoo will be appearing at the station on the 24th and will comply with the investigation faithfully and reveal the truth. Again, we apologize and bow our heads for not behaving properly as public figures. And please, refrain from amplifying the situation or making assumptions before the official statement is made by the police. Sincerely, Park Shi Hoo’s Manager, Park Woo Ho. What do you think of this response?
This is crazy!
This is so unreal. Can't believe it when I heard the news.
Go Park Shi Hoo We LOVE you!!!!