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Julian Edelman is finally getting the praise he deserves.
Not a fan of the Patriots at all, but Julian Edelman is one of most underrated wideouts in the NFL over the past two or three years. He continues to make big plays and get open against some of the best cornerbacks in football.
Yesterday, Edelman hopped on Reddit to chop it up with some fans. One of the people involved asked Julian for his top five wideouts in the game, and his list was very interesting.
When Asked to list his top five receivers, Edelman said the following in no particular order:
Odell Beckham Jr. (New York Giants), Jordy Nelson (Green Bay Packers), Steve Smith (Baltimore Ravens), Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons) and DeMaryius Thomas (Denver Broncos).
Julian later added, "Julio is a beast."
While I love certain people on this list (I think Jordy Nelson is also another underrated player) I am surprised we didn't get Antonio Brown on this list.
Do you think he missed anyone else noteworthy in his top 5?
No I don't agree at all. Antonio Brown has led the league in many category's the last couple of years. He also left out Megatron, Calvin Johnson,Brandon Marshall,Dez Bryant, he did pick some good choices but Steve Smith is not elite right now. Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald should definitely be on the list.
@travisbeck I wouldve def put Antonio Brown on the list, Dez Bryant, while I like Steve Smith I don't think he's a top 5 wr in football right now