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Today's challenge is find a girlfriend for Taeyang. Honestly, he probably doesn't need help finding one....I'm sure there would be a lot of volunteers.
Taeyang’s ideal type is a woman with a sincere and pure image. Rather than someone with outstanding looks, he’d rather have someone who cares for others and is warm. And he doesn’t leave out the fact that he wants to meet someone he really likes. I got that from one of the websites discussing Taeyang's type.
I think UEE from After School would be a good gf for Taeyang. She's about the same age.
She can be either cute or sexy. Uee can sing, dance, and act....
She is very down to earth and is not afraid to get dirty. Most of the time she was the only girl on Barefoot Friends, and she did the same challenges at the guys. She'd keep Taeyang on his feet.
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SHE IS AWESOME. Her character from 'You are Beautiful' on the other hand.......Is on strangle level.