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So this is my carnage costume!! >:) my brand new costume for my next convention at the end of this month :) I received it in the mail a couple of days ago and aaaaaah I was super excited hahahah it feels and looks amazing!!! >:) This one was pretty pricy but it custom made just for me heheh I hope you guys like it!!! And if you guys are going to go to L.A Stan Lees Comickaze let me know We could take a pics and stuff hahah ^_^ COMMENT below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ what you think of my costume!! And SHARE and give it a LIKE @shannonl5 @hikaymm @aniz809 @ChosenKnight @YancyArely
@hikaymm thank you!! :D ^___^ Yay :)
THIS IS GOING TO LOOK SO AMAZING! @MoisEsGaray you picked a good one :D
@marshalledgar thank you :) and the guy who made this awesome suit he's name is "Leon Alves​​" he has a Facebook page He's amazing as you can see at the suit :) He can do predator,hulk,venom,carnage......AND MORE!!!!! and it's okay you are not being rude ^_^ it was :)1,100
@shannonl5 thank you very much!! :D and I sure will hahaha I'm super excited now hehehehe x) I waited a while for this!!
woah dude that looks insane! i love it!!!
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