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It's ladies week and right now I am focusing on one of TV's bad guys of Gotham. She is cutting, beautiful, smart and she is a boss where ever she goes. Fish Mooney's character was created for the TV show Gotham, she is not in comic books. However she is still apart of the DC universe.
Behind those eyes there is a Savage beauty that owns a night club in the city of Gotham. She works under the crime boss Falcone. But, Fish has a plan to take him down and rule the city of Gotham with an iron fist. Her lust to take down the crime boss was just not about power. He also killed Fish mother who was a lady of the night.
Every move she made was calculated, she had a police officer on her side sort of (it was a exchange of information with some definite sexual tension)
Fish Mooney when above and beyond to show her wrath, she even found a women (a lady of the night that she turned into a respectable woman) that could sing and keep up with the needs of Falcone. Fish Mooney's project (Liza) would sing the song that Falcone's mother would sing to him as a child and she would also cook foods that pleased Falcone.
No, everything is not good Fish! You had a turncoat in your crew that was giving out information to not only Falcone but his rival Marino. All this time you thought penguin was dead he was alive and telling both sides what you where up to. That did not turn not too good for you.... But...
Fish Mooney does not do torture of any kind. She only deals out the pain to those who crosses her path. She did escape and high tailed out of Gotham. She and one of only allies left Butch, help her as much as he could. She though she was safe, then she ended up on a ship that was pirated. Poor Fish, right? Nope, she gets thrown in a dungeon and she calculates how she is going to take over in her current situation. She takes out the man in charge with charisma and skills of killing.
She rallied everyone together (btw Fish ended up in a black market organ trading situation and yes her organs were up for sale as well). Fish wanted more and found out who was in charge of the ring and also made herself "less of a candidate" for the trade as well.
She took her own eye out but they (the organ traders) had more plans for Fish.
They gave her a new eye and she gave them a piece of her mind and broke out and took whoever she could back to Gotham to take charge. (and she took the ring down on the process)
Fish was back and ready to take over with her gang and her new look. She even had a new partner that hung with her.
The future Cat woman ::meow:: unfortunately with all the determination Fish had Penguin had it out for her still. And she met her death. But like in most shows (comic book wise too) people just don't stay dead.
I picked a Villian for ladies week. She might not be good and have glitter on top of her but she is strong, has intelligence and very charismatic. Honestly, she is a boss with determination. Rest in peace Character Fish Mooney. @shannonl5 My Villian lady for the week.
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I LOVE THIS CHARACTER!!!!! She's amazing! I kind of hope she ends up on top tbh XD