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Wllmvs (@wllmvs) wrote out a card with some of the Kpop idols that wouldn't survive a zombie apocalypse. I agree with wllmvs's assement, so I won't relist Onew, Lee Joon, etc. I think more need to be added.
1. Kwangwee from ZE:A He happens to what to be what I'd call bait. If he survived initially, he can be annoying enough that someone around him would use him as bait. He doesn't have any athletic ability at all. He was on an episode of Running Man that showed his lack of abilities....he can scream though.
2. Ryeowook from Super Junior. He's another one with no athletic ability at all and he scares easily. Even though he isn't the maknae for Super Junior, he acts like it. They even call him the forever maknae. If you watch the above clip, you'll see what I mean about him not surviving. He couldn't even make it through mud without Ji Hyo's help. The poor guy will be zombie food easily.
3. Il Hoon from BTOB He's what I'd call a runner. He'd panic at the first sign of a zombie and run like a scared rabbit. By the time he stops, he'd be alone and right in the middle of a zombie den. They did a situation simulation with each of the BTOB guys, and Il Hoon panicked and called his manager.
4. HongKi and the rest of FT Island. They are an amazing band, and I love them....but they wouldn't survive zombies. Being the drummer, Min Hwan is the strongest of the group. They would stay together and die together....and would probably be eating and drinking when it happened.
5. Mir of MBLAQ (okay, I'm not sure if any of MBLAQ could survive). Mir and Lee Joon are two of a kind. They are not known for being smart. He also does random things that just make you wonder. He's also a big scardy cat.... His 'daughters' on Hello Baby even called him pitiful at one point.
Here's 5 that I don't think will survive. Now who else should be added to this list?
I do think there are 2 Kpop Groups that all members would survive. They have that combination of smart, strong, and team work.
Tao...he has wushu but he is so scared of ghosts that zombies would probably do him in.
Idk I feel like Ryeowook has some weird scary side to him hahahahha
@kpopandkimchi I actually never really thought anything about Ryeowook except he was.the nerdy one in SuJu's movie Attack of the Pin Up Boys. Then seeing him on Running Man and another show showed how much of a scardy cat and complainer he is. In RM, if Ace hadn't been there, I think Jong Kook and Minhyuk would have just left him somewhere. He was a.black hole, kinda like Kwanghee. He is good looking and can sing but he'd drive me nuts real quick. I'd use him as bait.