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WELCOME TO VINGLE @ailadimartinez i hope you like it here....i love it here....this what im always on...where i get all the info hahaha:[]
okay so i have a story to tell you beacuse its weird.....buts awesome and a true story...okay story time
their once was an awkward girl who was a kpop fan. she didnt know anyone else who liked kpop like her until she met her
at first she was like should i talk to her or not but little did she know that girl also wanted to talk to her as well....
soon the teacher put them in groups the kpop fan got the courage to talk to her and they became friends ~the end~ i kept asking her to make a vingle multiple times and now we are here
okay so hey guys this my new friend @ailadimartinez please welcome her......she and one of her friends welcomed me to my new school it was awkward at first but they where exactly like me (weird, nice, funny, and big fangirls)
so let me introduce her....
shes funny and weird like me heheheh :[] she nice, sweet, and she loves to sing and dance
Here favorite bands are..... EXO GOT7 SHINEE BTS BIG BANG ....she likes more but this all the ones i could think of......
well this @ailadimartinez for you... i hope you love it here @ailadimartinez you can fangirl as much as you want and no one will say anything......everyone is friendly here ^u^
so guys please welcome my friend @ailadimartinez say hi and give her a big hug and just welcome her to the family :[] she is awesome.....cause after constantly tell her to make one she finally did woooo hahaha \(^u^)/
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Hello and welcome!!!
2 years ago·Reply
welcome welcome!!! :)
2 years ago·Reply
You are very welcome ... and dont be shy. Half the fun is putting together cards for other Vingle to enjoy - so dont be afraid to give it a try - And again welcome :))
2 years ago·Reply
ayo welcome XD
2 years ago·Reply
hi hi
2 years ago·Reply