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I SHIP THIS COUPLE SO HARD! Shu and Ayase, forever! <3 They are so good together! Ugh! Anime: Guilty Crown
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I wish I could have both Shus sword and Ayases robot legs lol I ship this as well xD
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@RosePark I just want Ayase lol I got so mad when they took her on stage and lifted her shirt up to see if she had a tattoo on her back 😠😠 and Tsugumi <3 She's my second crush! Ah.
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@Arellano1052 lol you and your crushes in every anime haha xD
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@RosePark lmfao There ARE a few if them XD I only have two people I want in reality, and one of them is a celebrity 😢😭, so I guess these anime crushes are substitutes for them lol
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