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This song is literally life. I should say Taeyang's voice is life itself. Whenever I hear this song I just get reminded of how talented he really is. But.....
The live performance was probably the best solo performance I have ever heard in my life. The soul and passion he put into this song can be heard through any of his live performances. I love Taeyang, his voice, and this song. Let me know if you're a fan of this song or not!!(if you are not a fan of this song.....I have no words for you)
Love you guys!!鉂も潳and look out for my card where I will be asking you to comment your name if you want to be tagged in my Jonghyun(from Shinee) overdose card!
I've loved every single version of this song!
so jealous! I wanted to see them live but reality got in the way....馃槶
Aww my best friend was In Toronto for this.. Its my fav TaeYang song..
I saw him perform this song live and it was absolutely incredible.
@a514girl98 I totally get that. I took school stuff and studied the entire concert weekend...haha I even studied waiting in line.