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A card dedicated to Rap Monster.
To MY BELOVED and For MY ONE and ONLY: NAMJOON oppa. Oh my, where do I start?! I have fallen in love for you ever since I saw you. My love for you is unexplainable because I just can't explain about how much love I have for you. You always make me so happy everytime I see you. Even if I live afar from you always look right at me and just talk to me in all the ways you do to just make me smile. When I'm sad you are always here. You just know how to make my heart flutter and make me get butterflies. We've met so many times already but only on TV. 😂 I actually do hope we meet in reality. Please stay healthy and strong. I'll always support and love you. Fighting Rap Monster oppa! Saranghae. 💘♥️