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{TT} Who me?

What's my anime persona? . . Well I'm Akihiko Usami, were so similiar that it's kind of weird, you could probably just watch the anime and kinow 85% about me lol
My friends actually told me that im Akihiko awhile back...
Fun Fact: I actually discovered Junjo Romantica (Pure Romance) because of them
How the convo went down: My Friends: Yo I'm watching this anime and this character is LITERALLY YOU NO LIE Me: Prove it :P My Friends :watch this....
Akihiko and I are both procrastinators...... which you can probably tell because I'm doing this the day right before the next TT lol
We both have stuffed animal companions mine is a rabbit . . But how I got mine is a tale for another time lol
When I first wake up, I can be a bit not wake me up I don't remember being so angry waking up but apparently it's not pretty lol
Both Usagi (Akihiko) and I are share a similar childhood. I didn't really hang out with that many people, I prefered being by meyself. I also have a special place I used to go a lot when I was younger I haven't showed it to anyone yet though :P
I don't get close too many people but when I do, we're friends forever........ I might get jealous sometimes too lol
im a writer....I have notebooks that I write my thoughts in, I not that great with words My thoughts don't always come out they way I want them to, so I like to write it down. It's just easier that way.
I don't like to show a TON of emotion because I don't like to put stress on other people. Just forcing people into doing things isnt for me
I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic, it's just the way it is I guess lol I can't help it :P
Small things mean ALOT to me. No matter what it is. Personally I don't think the world or any one owes me anything so when some takes the time to do something for me or someone else. I really take it to heart.
I drive my friends crazy!! And I might say and do some weird things.....but at the end of the day
The people who become close to me or that are kind to me. I'd do anything for.
But that's just me lol
Make sure to check out @RosePark Twisted Thursday Collection for more challenges :)
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@RosePark Aw could never be mad at you :P Tag me whenever you'd like :D
lol I can to most them actually xD especially the procrastination and being alone~ i'll make sure to not tag you when youre asleep so you dont get angry at me T^T
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