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Hey I was wondering if anyone would like to help me brainstorm cutesy fanfic ideas? I really like the series Bleach, and I've grown quite attached to Hanataro Yamada and this so called older brother of his Hehe (^3^). those of you who have seen my other cards probably know this lol hanataro is my all time favorite character!!.... I am quite sad because they're isn't very many family oriented fanfics about him or his older brother for that matter. On my gosh and flashbacks I love flashbacks or stories of childhood!
I would like it to be a family friendly fanfic about Hanataro and his older brother Seinosuke Yamada ...... Perhaps a story of their lives or something before the main storyline Hehe
please?....Isnt there a kind soul out there who will help me with this endeavor?? *Please feel free to comment and generate a discussion about this
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@hollysenpai it's Ok Uhh you know of Hanataro? 馃榿
Yeah, I remember Hanataro. I just don't remember much about his brother. .-.
@hollysenpai I'll tell you?! Lolz
I could try! Wikipedia character profiles always work lol @hanataro92
@hollysenpai Yup! 馃榾馃榿馃槃