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okay so I'm late... what are you gonna do? sue me? either way I know I've barely mentioned this before but @RosePark got me to go into more detail... without further adieu...
First we have Araragi Koyomi. Everyone's favorite harem/ecchi protagonist. If I were to guess his spirit animal I would guess a wolf. He can be strong and dependant when he has to be but whenever he's not needed, he goes and does whatever fits the moment. And whatever he can to pass time...
Then we have Konata Izumi. The face for all otaku practically. Konata loves messing around with her friends and making references they won't ever understand. She's lazy but can do very well because she can do time management. And her favorite food is chicken.
And lastly Tomoko Kuroki. An antisocial girl that would like to socialize but she has a hard time controlling her filter and can say rather messed up stuff. There's really not much else to say other than notice how all of them were otaku?
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Interesting picks, and dont worry, we all are a little anitsocial haha some just need a push xD