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Guys I had no idea this day even existed. Thank god I work with a ton of children and I overheard one of the pre school teachers talking about some party they were throwing because life has gotten SO MUCH SWEETER!
So, write October 14th down in your planner for the next million years because this is not a day you want to forget.

And now for some...DESSERT PORN!

Cold ice cream dipped in melted chocolate. Can I also eat the full cup of chocolate too?

Waffles (the greatest breakfast, lunch, and dinner food) with ice cream and chocolate and fruit!! I will eat this forever.

S'mores perfectly cooked. Ughhhh cook them on the stove if you don't have access to a fire place. Thats what I may or may not be doing right now...

S'more ON TOP OF AN OATMEAL COOKIE!! Everything in my life just alined with the universe.

Just watch the chocolate ooze out and go to the nearest Apple-bees and order 20.

The traditional dessert. The original dessert. The most perfect dessert for the young, the old, and everything in between.

And if you are trying to be healthy on this magical day (WHYYYYY), just get some fruit and melted chocolate...all of the melted chocolate.

Don't forget the delish coffee with all of the whipped cream. It'll keep you awake longer to eat more snacks!!

If these pictures don't get you hype to eat all of the dessert in the world...then are you even human?

Enjoy and treat yourself to something sweet, you deserve it!

@nicolejb I'd totally share with friends though. I'm that kind of Guy. It's the thought that counts? :3
All I have in the house is cupcakes, peanut butter, powdered sugar, vanilla and chocolate chips. *Ponders* OH! I could make Muddy Buddies. O_O I have Chex cereal. Woo!
*Stares, shuts mouth before drool can escape* I think I just got Diabetes looking at this. xD
OMG @Danse @ButterflyBlu this is why we keep talking about all the FOODS
@Danse lol <3 is it still a problem if we enjoy the problem?!! What did you get at the store?? Sharrrre!
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