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*this card is a spinoff of the 'Dear Abby' advice column that was founded in 1956. I will be playing the role of Abby using an alias [see below] to answer the question being asked.*

Dear Jewel,

It's me again. I wrote you not too long ago [see card here] in regards to my crush who doesn't like talking on the phone. After voicing my opinion, turns out that he doesn't feel comfortable talking on the phone with me just yet. He says he prefers to wait and get comfortable than for the conversation to be awkward. I totally get it because at one point I wasn't the type to run and talk on the phone either, but I feel like there also needs to be compromise between the both of us if we want this to flourish in the future. I really like this guy and I respect his feelings, but I don't want our relationship to be based on strictly text messages. How long should I wait around for him to feel comfortable enough to transition from the daily text messaging to talking on the phone every now and then?
--- Text Messages Really Suck

Dear Text Messages Really Suck,

I whole heartedly agree with you. It's definitely all about compromise. You both have to be understanding of each others feelings. If he doesn't yet feel comfortable phone boning, give him the time he needs to get comfortable, but don't let him take advantage of you to the point where you two never talk on the phone. He also needs to understand that communication is key if a relationship wants to last and although text messaging is convenient and entertaining, it's not the same and a relationship won't last on solely just texting.
You both need to keep these few things in mind and in the mind time, just try and remain positive. I know it might be hard now, but if this guy happens to be the right one for you -- nothing will get in the way of that.
-- Jewel