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Today I saw @AdiaJasinski's card (HERE) about getting really nasty messages from a user on Vingle and I think its time we talk about HOW TO STOP CREEPY PEOPLE. Luckily this doesn't happen often, but its best to be prepared! **I'm using @byeolbit as the example cause she's my homegirl so don't actually go and block her cause YOU'LL BE MISSING OUT ON QUALITY VIXX CONTENT.


If someone is messaging you things you don't like - asking for personal info - making you uncomfortable in any way BLOCK THEM! If they're really doing something wrong and enough people block them their account can be flagged for Vingle to take care of! Here's how:
ON WEB: Go to the profile page, and hit the flag next to their name. You can block their messages here!
Go to the profile page, and click on the three dots next to their profile picture (the sticker on this picture is pointing to it, lol) This menu will pop up!


Is someone leaving comments on your own cards that you've written that make you uncomfortable? BLOCK THEM! PLEASE NOTE - this blocks them from ever commenting on your cards (all of them!) ever again. If it is just a one-time comment you don't like you can either 1. delete the comment, or 2. report the comment. You can also report comments left on other people's cards! Here's how:
On the app, press the comment and hold until this menu pops up.
You can:
1. Report the comment (if it is violent or harassment or spam, etc)
2. Delete the comment (if it is on a card you've written)
3. Block the user from commenting on ANY of your cards EVER (past and future cards!)


Is a card breaking Vingle's community guidelines or your specific community guidelines? (See Kpop's guidelines HERE) Is it in Kpop but isnt a Kpop card? Is it a card in Learn Korean that isnt about learning Korean? Report the card!
Don't want to see a users' cards on your Feed? You can hide that user from your feed! Here's how:
Open the card and press the three dots located in the top right corner. You can:
1. Turn off notifications (you wont get notifications from this card anymore)
2. Hide the user from your feed (all of their cards, even ones they post in the future)
3. Report this card (Spam, irrelevant, violent content, etc)
Now that you know how: go forth and protect our community! You might feel odd reporting a user for their messages or comments that make you uncomfortable, but in the end you might be saving a fellow Vingler from the horrible experience! Do your friends here a favor and keep the creeps away!

Let's keep Minho less creepy and keep our community safe :D

OMG thank you for spreading it.
The Minho GIFs distracted me.....I have NO IDEA what I just read ╮(╯_╰)╭
I like creepy minho but not creepy people XD
You're so helpful. I LOVE YOU! 😆😆😆
thanks this is why I love vingle!!!! @kpopandkimchi
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