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so wing stop decided to make korean flavored boneless wings.
It is definitely on the must try list. Do you think it will taste good? or will it be another americanized foreign food gone bad. let me know in the comments. @kpopandkimchi @xoxoaudra98 @VixenViVi @RaquelArredondo @tusarika @SusiBosshammer @SusiBosshammer @PrettieeEmm @JessicaChaney @Taijiotter @CassidyCathell @GhostJimin @Bree1004 @Tigerlily84 @caitlind9898 @shantalcamara Feel Free To Tag Yourself or others. >o< ☺
Oh my gosh !!! this is awesome. I LOVE Wing Stop. do u know if this is for all of their locations??
I feel like it'll be Americanized but if a Korean chef works there then count me in xD
I have tried them, and I have to say I was sooooo excited yet so disappointed 😭 The sauce is just a kinda spicy teriyaki sauce 😔 But it's not bad for a kinda spicy teriyaki sauce? Hahaha 😄
ill try it next time I go!!!
@Tigerlily84 wow 😮.... then yea, I guess you can go by with what others say about the product. I don't think I would drive 78 miles just to try them.
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