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After trying to figure out what to watch this season, I've decided to give the first episode of many different shows a try!

Up today is Comet Lucifer!

I'll be watching the first episode, and then sharing my thoughts on if it's worth watching, and if I'll continue it ^^

Thoughts before starting:

The trailer I saw didn't tell me much, but the description of the anime as well as @SAGEOTAKU mentioning that it's worth checking out got me going on this anime! Plus, I really love the main girl's hair (I don't know her name yet lol).
Above is the promotional PV if you haven't seen it yet!! It's really great!! I have high hopes!!!!!

Anime Details:

Title: Comet Lucifer
Japanese Title: コメット・ルシファー
Currently airing (Fall 2015): 12 episodes

Initial Impressions:

- There is so much foreshadowing in here I pretty much don't have a choice but to continue. If you get sucked in easy like me, be warned.
- The character designs are amazing! Seriously amazing. I love the Commander, Felia, Kaon and Sogo's looks so much.
- I thought this might go the direction of demons/angels but it went mecha and I am more than okay with that. Come to think of it, the trailer told me it had mecha!
- The art style is absolutely beautiful! If anything, just watch this episode for the art. The scenery, animations and like I said the character designs are all really great.
- I still worry it's going to fall into the cliche of boy finds mysterious girl and the usual stuff happens, but I have high hopes!

Overall Episode 1 Impressions:

Visuals: 8
Animation: 8
Sound design: 10!!!!
Storyboard: ?? undecided
World/setting: 10
Character designs: 9 (apparently they're by the guy that did Ano Hana)
OP + ED: 7
Entertainment: 10
Voice acting: 10 (It gets a 10 because I didn't notice anything that annoyed me, which means it's fine)

Why I'm Going to Keep Watching:

The atmosphere of the show reminds me of Eureka 7 so far, and I like the main guy Sogo--he is genuinely excited about discovery, so I'm interested to see what he'll do as this new world opens up ahead of him! Also, I like mecha. I don't like when everything is mecha, but I like when mysterious/magical worlds have mecha, too. Can you tell I grew up on Final Fantasy? Plus there's been romance hints and I'm a sucker for romance + mecha.
This could still be a hit or miss show, but with all the things set up by the first episode, I'm interested enough to see where they will go and will keep watching!

Anybody else watching Comet Lucifer?

I'm gonna go watch Episode 2 before I sleep later lol XD
love the anime so far and your right her purple hair is kawaii
Let me watch it first then I would help you out the card
ok thanks. thats very exciting news to me cx. i now have something to look forward to this weekend
I am in
yes meee
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