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No, it's not "how much do you weigh?", but it's close enough.

As women, when it comes to answering certain questions sometimes we just don't feel up to it, especially when the question happens to be disrespectful or simply none of your business. There are several questions we could easily go down the list of not asking, but the one question that a man should never ask a woman is "when are you due?" You will either get the answer you're looking for or in most cases, you will get a dirty look and a smack in the face -- okay, maybe not the smack, but know the thought crossed her mind.
When it comes to our weight, we happen to take it very serious. For some women, they can lose weight at the drop of a dime, while other women struggle to take off weight for months -- sometimes even years.
This past weekend my dad was retelling a story of what happened at a party he attended of a long time friend. He was on the dance floor dancing to none other than some good Jamaican music when he noticed a familiar face tearing the dance floor up [in a good way]. He approached the women and his exact words were, "you sure are dancing the night away to be pregnant". At that moment, my dad probably should've ran and hid underneath a rock. He had no clue that the women he just approached was not even close to being pregnant, she had just gained a little extra weight.
Luckily, my dad played it cool and bit his tongue for the rest of the night, but he could've easily prevented the embarrassment for both of them by not saying a word. Sometimes silence is your best option. Even if a woman appears to be pregnant, let her tell it. Never, ever ask because you never know for sure. Not only will you end up feeling like a total jerk, but you never know how that question will make the woman feel. Especially if she's been struggling with her weight for sometime. If you really ant to ask questions, do yourself a favor and make sure you ask something that will put a smile on your face and yours.