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I would probably panic lol 😂😫 How about you guys? @kpopandkimchi @Atomshair @Myaisnotsexy @BabyKungFuPanda @CCHI0692 @jiggzy19
so like..i wanna play and be all " hell fuckin ye ass I'd mount that puppy like my life depended on it " but i know me and i would most likely slam the door in his face and drop to the ground shrieking...then I'd peak out the peep hole and then open the door up a crack and be like " or o-or OR WE COuld bake cookies and pray" or some shit like that ;^;
lol I'd be past out on the floor as soon as I saw who it was lol but TOP oppa doesn't seem like the type... then again he's a damn weirdo so maybe aha
he's probably going to murder me so o should call the real police
Part of me would be like 'WHAT THE F IS HAPPENING?!' But the other part of me would just go with it...
@Cuetlatchli #strugglesofafangirl
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