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Sure this isn't really KPOP but this meme is! AOTD: The PSAT was hell. It felt so good to stand up after like 2 hours. Like my legs were so stiff. I'm pretty sure I did a good job on the grammar part. coughseditingfanficsisusefulinlifecoughs So back to the meme you see. There was this research passage about how dogs would rely/ask on human help besides wolves. And I'm like EXO SENPAI WHY YOU NO NOTICE ME //SHOT So yeah... I think that's about it.
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I took the psat to I think I did good math without calculators is so hard
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@YulianaVidales I didn't finish the free response for math
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nah nah tag me lml XD @cthulu
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haha yessss
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omg all these memes killed me after the psat
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