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I have been looking into fitness classes. As much as I REALLY LOVE weight training, I am looking for something new! A friend of mine just posted a video of her pole dancing and I was IMPRESSED. You have to have a ton of poise and strength to do this sort of thing, and it reminds me so much of calisthenics -- actually it is calisthenics! She's pretty advanced and owns her own pole dancing studio called Queen of Hearts Fitness in Florida.
I think a group fitness class can really do me some good. I am interested in something like this, or even a hip-hop dance class. Have anyone of you done pole dancing? Did you like it? It looks hard as heck, but I am up for a challenge.

Here's the video I saw:

And In High Heels!? THIS IS AMAZING! SHE is amazing!

It is a lot of upper body strength it yes takes time more or less depending on the person, but it is so worth it to see yourself accomplish the steps & knowing you can do something you couldn't before, the feeling of being in an inversion & then pulling yourself backward against Gravity is exhilarating!
Well, that's definitely a skill I don't have lol. Pole dancing barefooted is hard enough!!!!! She's amazing that she can work it with those heels! @mchlyang
Damm she's good. But I don't know about dancing in heels......
It is not easy, but it's awesome how you can see yourself gain strength and advance. it can be discouraging if you are not flexible knowing your limits and accepting you will never be able to do certain moves. Still I must admit it is the best & funniest workout I have ever done.
my freinds and I will want to plan a girls night and try it... Looks fun...
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