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I have been looking into fitness classes. As much as I REALLY LOVE weight training, I am looking for something new! A friend of mine just posted a video of her pole dancing and I was IMPRESSED. You have to have a ton of poise and strength to do this sort of thing, and it reminds me so much of calisthenics -- actually it is calisthenics! She's pretty advanced and owns her own pole dancing studio called Queen of Hearts Fitness in Florida.
I think a group fitness class can really do me some good. I am interested in something like this, or even a hip-hop dance class. Have anyone of you done pole dancing? Did you like it? It looks hard as heck, but I am up for a challenge.

Here's the video I saw:

And In High Heels!? THIS IS AMAZING! SHE is amazing!

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@alywoah you know...I don't really know.I just put away the flier today.I don't even read it.I think I'm waiting until I can afford it before I find out the details
2 years ago·Reply two cents...pole exercise and dance is extremely empowering, takes lots of skill, balance, flexibility, and endurance. I enrolled my friend Karen and I in a group beginning class, and not only was it fun.....but we were sore for days and had a new strength of soul and body! We did a radio fitness review and went back for more. I would definitely recommend a group class to start. Makes it more fun and they will teach you some important basics. I have a friend who is AMAZING and does lessons and tours and shows....Zoraya Judd. Most elegant fit woman I have ever seen! Look up her YouTube videos.
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@Falcon4daisy! You're back!!!! I haven't seen you around lately. I bet it's empowering and the strength you get from it is insanely impressive. I definitely agree with starting with a group class. Pole dancing, like most sports, you gotta get the proper training for it. I'll check out Zoraya Judd!
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yeah....this is why it'd be hard for ne to be a moderator. my day job can be 100% demanding at times, and then others I'll get big times down to express myself. thank you for noticing though!
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@alywoah it's a GREAT upper body workout! it also can be really sexy and helps you get in touch with your inner goddess, which I love! I personally prefer group classes, for the comradery.
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