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So what you see here is a very rare thing for me to do not only post a picture of myself online but one of me in drag as well... so thoughts? I would like to cosplay as kenshin and/or zero suit samus but the list is much longer than that. Be honest your not going to hurt my feelings
when crossplay is done properly, can barely tell can you?
I personally think that everyone should do whatever they want! It's all about creativity!
I say if u want to do it then go for it but don't half ass it for laughs. If you're willing to put in the effort to make it as realistic as possible then I'm all for it. I like to do male cosplay even though I'm a girl because their outfits are nicer. I'm planning on doing kaneki from Tokyo ghoul next year.
@VinMcCarthy I may have to get a wig cause my hair isn't quite that long yet
@BluBear07 I plan on doing as well as I have the funds/ability/help I can
Oh this is so cool!! You look awesome in both pictures, nice work :) really fascinating idea to add another gender layer to cosplaying. I think people would really support that
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